Monday, July 23, 2007

A bold move by Michael Hardt

I've been watching the new online lecture from Michael Hardt presented at the European Graduate School, and I have to admirer the man's guts. His recent move is to (re)conceptualise the concept of love for political purposes. The main reason for this manoeuvre is he feels love gets 'us' out of the impasse between arguing for archaism or dictatorship of the prole (Zizek's Leninism), which, for Hardt, are both unacceptable. Yet Hardt's concept of love is interesting, one that challenges people to conceptualise love away from conventional/everyday uses. In sum Hardt believes love can provide the new 'political training' to produce another world. At present i'm a bit skeptical but I agree with Hardt that love requires a political relevance outside the couple, or love based on sameness (identity), and instead an attempt to love difference, or what Deleuze calls singularities.


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