Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ask for help - Deleuze article

I'm away to start co-authoring an article reviewing the recent trend in Deleuzian politics, which will analyse not Gilles Deleuze but scholars that have been influenced by him (and Guattari). This will not look to access who has read Deleuze correctly, but rather how they have 'used' Deleuze for the purpose of politics.

At present we are going to analyse:
Manuel DeLanda; Paul Patton; Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri; & Nicholas Thoburn (and maybe Claire Colebrook)

The aim would be to consider their convergences and divergences.

Is there any main player we are missing out? We know we can't be too extensive, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


ibitsu said...

Perhaps Philip Goodchild, Ronald Bogue and Eugene Holland.

Jared said...

You forgot Daniel W. Smith, who does some dazzling analysis in terms of Deleuze's encounters with Kantianism. Prof. Smith should be publishing his long awaited book on Deleuze within the next year; otherwise, there are dozens of articles out there. I also suggest looking at some of Arnaud Villani's writings on Deleuze.

Both these writers have a chapter in the book, Deleuze and Philosophy published by Edinburgh University Press (2006).

Jared said...

oh, politics. Pay attention Jared!

Look at Foucault. I'm not crazy about Deleuzian politics, but there seems to be some "spooky action at a distance" between Foucault and Deleuze. It might not be as up to date as you want it; but I've been itching to read a good comparison between Foucault and Deleuze.

ibitsu said...

Yeah, I slightly misread this too. Although I still think Philip Goodchild may be of use, he is not only a commentator on Deleuze but has 'used' him well.

Eric said...

Jason Read's book The Micropolitics of Capital uses Deleuze quite a bit to discuss Marx, politics, and economics. Other than that, as far as I know, it's an underdeveloped field. Which is a shame, because I think Deleuze's work was tremendously suggestive poltically. Now if I could just find to time to write about why I say that.

The Brooks Blog said...

This post by the Nietzsche scholar Brian Leiter (Texas) may be of interest:

I will confess I think he's spot on with both Critchley and Derrida, holding views widely shared by most philosophers.